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Picking a professional coach can feel difficult, but I'll make it as simple as possible. My promise: I'll help you, or I'll help you find someone who can.


My philosophy

I'm solution-focused, but also understand that some solutions take time to unfold. I'm convinced that my patient, supportive, and appreciative working style offers the most direct method to finding solutions and addressing challenging problems in life, work, and relationships.

Working on work

If you are struggling with work, you should know that I bring over 25 years of successful experience in business management. I combine practical and professional experience with an in-depth understanding of transformative psychological principles and practice.

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moving forward

Brainstorming, refining, implementing

working on life

I help clients who are struggling with relational issues, whether they are at home, work, or with life in general. Because I am one of the few coaches that works closely with clients on referral from psychiatrists, I have developed a creative and useful approach to working with individuals who cope with depression, anxiety, and bipolar diagnoses. I focus on the individual’s strengths, not their diagnosis but I also take in account the challenges of working with mood and energy fluctuations.

I felt completely lost when I first started with David and he helped me create a new way to understand and appreciate my way of being in the world
— 42 year-old woman

EXamples of my work

  • Helped a client confront her dissatisfaction with her partner and move forward in creating a life that works for her

  • Worked with a client to develop a vision for a new non-profit organization

  • Advised a client on working with his church board to create a new congregational plan

  • Helped a client escape the confining rigors of corporate life to start a new business venture

  • Worked with numerous want-to-be authors to write their books

  • Coached a client through the process of finding a new business partner

  • Helped clients with bipolar diagnoses to create very meaningful and satisfying lives